The story behind the New Earth Frequencies

One of my dreams was designing a tarot deck with actual photographs. The more I started shaping my practice in a way that suits my personality and how I wish like to work with my clients, the stronger that feeling and idea took actual form in my mind. Working with the tarot is one of my passions and disciplines. A method I used for years and happily share with others.
Towards the end of the year 2007, right after officially starting my practice in July of that same year, information came my way which would change my life completely. During a session with a medium I was told that through me information would be channeled with which I could help humanity during the transit of the year 2012 and beyond. The transition to the age of Aquarius or otherwise known as the Golden age. Then I thought, why me? Am I really the right person for such an endavour? Do I have the right qualities or talent for such a thing? I decided to see what would happen if I did and went with the flow. After all, what did I have to loose?

At first, when I started to receive the information, I instantly remembered my dream of designing a tarot deck and went with that. After a while I realised that tarot cards alone would not be enough to show the imens impact that this project encompasses. As time passed another passion awoke and that is working with remedies. Flower remedies, energy remedies, you name it. Almost nobody walks out of my practice without a bottle of remedies, exactly fitting the healing process of the client. A gentle way to extend the treatment of the client which raises the level of consiousness in the process.

Meanwhile the story continues and reaches March 2008. In that time I found out that not only photographs should be part of this wonderful project but also energy remedies would fit right in. Another passion which would become a reality. But how does one handle this? As I discovered that all is precisely steered within this project without having to actually “ do” anything I decided to wait for more information before “coming into action” so to speak. When the time is right it would happen anyway.

I met Daniel Maissan during a theater rehearsal at which he made photographs for the promotional material of the play I participated in. I told him about my initiative and he responded enthusiastically. During his world travels he loves to take pictures and lots of them. He can capture the soul of a place or person like no other. After this meeting the next phase presented itself quickly. I arranged for us to travel together to the south of France in September/October of that same year to discover together which places would present themselves to us as a result of the material and information I already gathered from my channelings. After a beautiful and successful trip I realised I had to go back soon in order to create the actual energy remedies. Barely a month back at home I took off in November by car and drove back to the land of the Cathars. With help of the universe I could capture and bottle these refined frequencies at exactly the same places where Daniel took his photographs.

Again after this adventure it became clear that this project was not complete by a long run. I got visions of holograms which reminded me of energy stamps with a slight resemblence to crop circles. Three weeks after that, I met coach and energy artist Wilka Zelders. One of her gifts is to be able to liturally see into energy fields and capture its blueprint by creating beautiful works of art. After sharing my story she almost immediately became enthusiastic and the expansion of our New Earth Frequencies Collective became a fact.

For the most part, the year 2009 became one of further deepening. As well where the project was concerned and certainly applicable to a personal level. A very necessary break to let all of the frequencies find their way into the overall “ system” as well as my own. In October/November of that same year Wilka and I travelled to the south of France to visit those special places so she could also consume the beautiful energies. With a beautiful backpack filled with insights and frequencies we could continue working on this project.

In May and June 2010 Wilka and I presented the results of the project sofar during Healing Garden Festival and Eigentijds Festival. Wilka also was able to expose her work and sold several holograms. The public grew more en more enthusiastic when they came into contact with the photographs, holograms and energy remdies during these festivals.

Now, May 2012, the time has finally come and we are in bookstores as of the 31st this month. For € 29,50 you can buy the set, containing of a book, 24 cards (photographs and holograms) and a beautiful CD with piano music by David Bailey. For more information, check our webshop through this website.

Don’t be afraid to dream and dare to follow your heart and gut instinct. You never know where it may take you.. Be Light and Be!

Carpe diem!
Hanneke Hoppenbrouwer
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