This New Earth Frequencies collective has people joining and leaving. When you take a look at the hologram and photograph of the Collective and read the meaning of this frequency you will understand how it works.

Hanneke Hoppenbrouwer (25-06-1973)

After a career as management assistant and teacher, Hanneke started her practice Healing en Advies officially in 2007 and is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. She gives consultations using disciplines like aura-chakra healing, tarot, working with remedies, coaching and mediumship in order to guide and help her clients in their life matters and questions. She hosts several workshops in which students can learn how to work with the tarot and the Mayan calendar. She also teaches in courses like intuitive development, mediumship, the deepening of the consiousness and aura-chakra healing. Instruments like the Transformation game or her self developed Core qualities game can be used on different levels in order to get more insight in different day to day situations. Companies and enterprises often make use of these instruments. Hosting workshops in working with the New Earth Frequencies can, of course, not be forgotten in this list. Besides that, she organises spiritual round trips to Egypt on a regular bases, as well as learning how to work with the New Earth Frequencies in the South of France, Languedoc-Rousillon, Land of the Cathars.

Wilka Zelders

As energy facilitator for consciousness transformations Wilka Zelders supports and inspires people who are ready for the next step towards the embodyment of their souls purpose in alignment with Unity Consciousness. Her work as a spiritual councelor, energy healer, teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence, author (books and other
publications) and professional artist focusses on conscious management of personal and Universal energy.
Wilka is specialised in tuning into the quantum field and observe multidimensional energetic blueprints of creation. She not only senses these energies but also perceives them as abstract, holographic images. In addition, she has developped the ability to translate these images into energetically charged works of art, thereby enabling others to experience these high frequency, harmonic, coherent energies within their own four-body systems. For many people it is difficult to believe that everything we desire is already true on the energy level.
And more so, it is true in harmony with all of creation. Wilka's artworks of these holographic blueprints inspire people to manifest a more harmonious and coherent future in aligment with their highest truth and love.
Besides being a co-creator of the DNA-Frequencies Wilka is initiator, co-author, producer & project manager of The Whizzard Project, a co- creative, multi-media project to uplift our spiritual consciousness in alignment with other conscious beings of the constructive proces (devic dimension of creation), with Jhadten Jewall, A Band of Whizzards and others.
For more information on her work see her websites: www.shadeshifter.nl and www.whizzardproject.com

Daniel Maissan (10-04-1976)

Daniel houdt van communiceren, in de klassieke vorm én met de camera. Dat zit in hem. Een belangrijke basis daarvoor is gelegd werkend in de horeca. Telkens als er genoeg geld was verdiend dan vertrok Daniel weer naar het verre oosten, Afrika of Australie. Tijdens deze reizen is ook zijn grote liefde voor de fotografie ontstaan.
Toen Maissan over schakelde naar digitale fotografie ging alles eigenlijk rollen. terwijl hij nog in het cafe werkte, ging hij in de leer bij een andere fotograaf en leerde alles over de techniek. Daarnaast ging hij exposeren en werken in opdracht.

Mensen hebben hem altijd gefascineerd. Door ze te fotograferen is hij de mens steeds beter gaan bekijken en begrijpen. Tijdens zijn reizen is dit de reden waarom hij over het algemeen sfeervol, hoopvol en positief fotografeert. Alles is aanwezig, als je maar goed kijkt!

David Bailey (01-02-1955)

Davis comes from a respected family of healers in the UK. Since a child hew grew up accepting healing, clairvoyance, the related subjects and experiences as normal events. In his teens when practising the piano classics, his hands would often want to play by themselves, so he let them play, with new music pouring from them. He soon realised that there was more than music...the music carried a sort of potential energy...the energy hew saw in action time after time when I did my concert tour...even through well known melodies. Meanwhile David, now living in Rennes le Chateau, South of France grew up to be a fantastic classical concert pianist also, performing for the English Royal Family and her court as well as artists like Paul McCartney and Maynard Furgeson. His latest activities are with Johan Boswinkel who came to Rennes le Chateau and when he understood his amazing work with THE LIGHT.....he realised how they could co-operate so that the music could be used worldwide supporting and adding to Johan’s work with the CHIREN.

During the way a lot of people helped and contributed each in their own special way to this project. Therefore I think they deserve to be mentioned on this website, next to the special place they all have in my heart!

Besides the co-creators of the holograms and photographs, Wilka and Daniel, I would like to thank the following persons from the bottom of my heart for all their love, hospitality and support I received, and still am receiving, during the process of creating the New Earth Frequencies.

Femke Rameijer

Domaine les Labadous (Domaine des Amis, La Source)
Joke Westerveld and Jaap Rameijer

Antal Hendrix-van Spronsen

Jouri Blom, Nederlink Webdesign

Uitgeverij Akasha; Carmijn, Mariet, Harry

Yvonne Lips, Astrologe

Clemens Hoppenbrouwer
Herman Harms
Ptah van der Wal
Rik Cruys
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