The process of creating the energy remedies

Wilka, as well as Hanneke, have their own story to share where the process of the collecting of the frequencies is concerned. The whole story and other background information on this quest can be read in their book, accompanied by a deck of cards and music CD, which will be available in stores as of May 31st 2012.

For now, we reveil a bit of Hanneke’s story and her adventures during the creation, collecting and botteling of the energy-remedies.

"The conditions under which I created the energy remedies were very special. With this I mean the planetary alignments and star constellations that were of influence during this period, namely from November 15 up until November 24, 2008. That I had to be back in France during this time frame came to me through dreams and visions. After these revelations I consulted an astrologist so I could run these dates by her in order to I know what I was up against. She came back to me with the following information:

Jupiter, amongst others the planet of increasing spiritual insights and consiousness, would be powerfully present during this time frame and would be exactly positioned at his ascendant (where usually everything starts again). The Moon would form a triangle within al water signs which causes emotional issues stirring in up in order to float right unto the surface. From that point forward a mystical rectangle was to be formed in a position which does not happen very often. This would happen, to be exact, on November 17, at 12.00 hrs PM. The opposites were to be formed by Uranes in Pisces (breaking with patterns on a spiritual level), and Saturn in Virgo (to give shape to anything that relates to healing on al levels). Normally two, not so easy to combine, planetary alignments. And then, of course, combined with the influence of Jupiter and the Moon, mentioned earlier in this story. Because of this rectangle the sextiles and triangles were bound together to actually anul these antagonisms. Trough this a Jod would appear (also known as the symbol of God fingerpointing towards something) pointing towards the Moon. At that time, for me, it meant that emotions and the experience of the way we deal with them has be looked at or reviewed again and, where necessary, needs to be re-evaluated in the area of spiritual healing processes.
Exactly the planetary alignments which were needed to create such remedies necessary for future events, at least in my opinion..

As of November 27, 2008 Pluto would move into Capricorn, before that time frame it would be moving retograde into Sagittarius. The planet of transformation and vision. The vision unto the possibilities of spiritual growth which as a result will bring insight to a new form or manner of transformation. Capricorn would contribute to the actual shaping of the way how matters reach their goal and in order form this into tangible facts. From this date forward also Mercury (planet of oa communication), the Sun (oa about male energy and ego) and Mars (the “do and go” planet) would be in conjunction with Sagittarius. Liturally: how will I actually present my new vision? And from that moment onwards, this idea of creating the New Earth freqencies remedies became reality.

At November 17, 2008 at exactly 12.00 hrs PM (at the time of the formation of the mystic rectangle) I sat myself down at the famous church of Rennes le Chateau. During my meditation I received the precise dates and times for creating the energy–remedies. I had to be present at those exact times at the places were we took the photographs about 6 weeks before that, in order to collect the energies and bottle them as remedies. I also learned that I was only in need for springwater and brandy in order to prepare the actual remedy. Springwater, as to the fact that water takes over energies and frequencies easily and brandy in order to keep the remedy from spoiling.

The process of collecting and botteling of the frequencies was amazing. As well as through my hands, as directly energised by frequencies sent from the Universe, as well as through Mother Nature sending up her energies from the grounds of the sacred places I was present at, it was an adventure. I have seen still water starting to sparkle and lightbeams dance. Frequencies can also be heard. That I discovered during the preparation of the remedies. As soon as I started the process the tone, belonging to the frequency came into my hearing range and as soon as the tone disappeared the process was done.

It was an impressive time and I feel blessed in having to have experienced this."

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