New Earth-frequencies; what does it mean?

DNA-frequencies, or New Earth-fre quencies, consist out of 12 energy-remedies, holograms and photographs which support and complete each other. These energies are collected and bottled in the region Languedoc-Roussilon, located in the South of France, also known as the land of the Cathars. In the playful abbreviation we usually use to address the New Earth-frequencies, their suspected relationship to our human DNA comes to the surface.

What it means exactly and where they are for is summarised in this channeled message which Hanneke received when this project started in 2007.

"The tasks which we will all face during the Golden Age or New Era, will be of a whole different order. It is expected from all of us that we will receive it with grace and gratitude. Consequently, a world of beauty and peace will present itself, a world which that can be hard to imagine in this day and age.

These twelf frequencies will help you during this transition and they support the subsequential transformation with love and light, in order to guide all of us to walk the path that is meant for him or her.

The frequencies will assure us that our correct body receptors will be opened, equal to the frequencies on which Earth will resonate as of the year 2012. Space and time will transform as one during this fase.

With these New Earth-frequencies a bridge will be built between the energies and frequencies we are experiencing right now and the change of frequency that is taking place during the transit to the Golden Age, or New Era. These frequencies, that can be heard by some of us, will be integrated in our DNA, in order to smooth the transformation that we will go through during this process as human beings.

All communication that comes into existance is meant to guide and support us humans in the direction that suits our capacities. Therefore the talents of us individuals will be used to its full potential. Eventually this will lead to a state of Beingness which suiting the circumstances of this New Earth.

The frequencies help to activate the transcendant chakra system that belongs to this state of Beingness and we will notice that this link will be permanent. The energy will anchor itself into our bodies, so to speak.

Everthing and everyone is energy. We as human beings consist out of energy, as is nature does, with all her visible beauties and her tangible elements. With this knowledge it is not so strange that we sometimes lose balance and that our energies do not flow as it is suppose to for all different reasons. An important aspect is the following; Earth is increasing her frequencies from dimension 3 to 5 and we as human beings notice that keeping our balance during this process is not always an easy thing to do. The DNA-frequencies will support you during this transition and will guide you through this process."

These DNA-frequencies represent the 12 core energies of the different stages of life we go through as human beings. They show us how we can interpret and live the energies on a day to day bases and they give us insight in a consiousness that brings us to the next level over the coming years. They show and guide us into an evolution of a completely renewed state of mind.

The photographs represent a 3-dimensional view of the frequency. We tried to capture the soul of the location where the frequencies were collected. Therefore the meaning and functioning of the frequency is felt and recognised by our inner being.

The holograms are multi-dimensional works of art collected at the exact same location as where the photographs were taken and the energy-remedies were created. They are the blueprints of the frequencies (vibrations) and thus the energy is immediately recognised and stored on Soul-level.

The energy-remedies binds the two together. The photographs vibrate on the last octave of the 3rd dimension. The holograms vibrate on the first octave of the 5th dimension. The remedies assure a smooth transition from dimension 3 to 5 and help you on your journey through dimension 4.

The piano music will help you to enter the energy field of the frequencies by opening up a portal to a deeper level of conscience.

According to many predictions, from new sources as well as old, Earth will start her new cycle of 26.000 years on December 21, 2012. We will enter the age of Aquarius, also known as the Golden Age or New Era. This process already started and is noticed and felt by many of us. The energy-remedies, holograms and photographs support this process and will help and guide you into a smooth transition without experiencing harsh physical or emotional transformation pain.
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