South of France

Languedoc – Rousillon, les Pays Cathares, the Land of the Cathars.
This is the region where the New Earth Frequencies are collected.

Almost everybody has heard about the legends and mysteries of this area. The book and movie Da Vinci Code, as well as thousands of other books are written wherein this region plays the main role. For example the tale about Berenger Sauniere, the priest who suddenly became a very rich man after renovating the church of his parish in Rennes le Chateau at the beginning of the 19th century. As a result he became a very wealthy man.
Up until this day it is still a mystery as to where this money came from. Did he find parchment roles with valuable biblical significance in which the constitution of the church as we know it is questioned? This is only a tip of the iceberg as many fascinating stories find their origin in this region. The Cathars, who believed in reincarnation, left a magnificent and amazing heritage after living in this area from approximately 200 - 1400 AC. The energy can still be sensed visiting the ruins of one of the beautiful and powerful castles and abbeys. After my first visit in June 2006 it immediately became clear to me that this would not be my last visit. I felt I definitely had “work” to do in this area in the near future. My stay at Domaine Les Labadous (Les Source) situated at the bottom of the mountain where Rennes le Chateau is located, became one of my most favourite places on Earth. More information can be found through the link Co-creators on this website.

Soon it became clear to me that the energies which can be felt here at numerous places, for example at the ruins as well as anywhere else, are extremely powerful. The “vail” between the 3rd and 5th dimensional energy levels is very thin. As a result, I did not find it very strange indeed, that this region in particular came to me as the land where this New Earth Frequency project became a reality.
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