Workshop Learning how to work with the new Earth-frequencies
Just purchased the complete set containing a book, cards and music CD and would you like to know how you can learn to apply the DNA frequencies best in your daily life? Or are you curious about this particular set and are you thinking of buying it and you would like to know how you can learn to work with it? Then this workshop really something for you!

What are the new Earth-Frequencies
The new Earth-frequencies consist of 12 energy-remedies, holograms, photographs and piano music that complement and support each other. They are retrieved and made in the land of the Cathars, the region Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France. In the playful abbreviation that we usually handle, their suspected relationship with our DNA comes to expression.
Everything is energy. We as humans consist of energy, like nature with her visible beauty and not to forget her tactile elements. With this knowledge it is not so strange that we can sometimes feel out of balance and that our energy no longer flows as it should. Several reasons can be suggested. An important aspect is also the next. The Earth is preparing to increase its vibrational frequency from the 3rd to the 5th dimension and we as human beings find that maintaining our balance during this process is not always easy. This lets you get the feeling that you're not doing well both emotionally and physically and maybe spinning in circles. We as humans vibrate alongside the transition that the Earth undergoes and that is tangible to a lot of us. The DNA frequencies support you during this transition and the associated process. During this workshop you will learn to see, to feel this too and will recognize the signs so it becomes workable and you learn in a playful way how to deal with these transformation processes.

Contents of the workshop
In the set you will find a book, twelve photo and twelve hologram cards and a music CD with piano music. The remedies are more therapeutic of nature and are therefore only available for therapists and their clients. The CD is suitable for meditations which are also described in the book. With the card set you can draw cards and use it like a tarot deck but you can also use the cards as an oracle deck or as a support tool during meditations.
During the workshop we work from the book and teach you how to take full advantage of the cards and the corresponding ways to use them and how you can integrate this in the here and now. It gives you insight into life stages and the accompanying lessons and shows you how to get here. Each frequency has its own music piece and during the workshop we will practice different meditations, supported by the piano music on the music CD. Also the shadow and light effects each frequency carries will be come to the surface so you can quickly find and see where you stand in your life cycle. Thus, the collective transition to our new Earth a playing field of energies which teaches you better understand where you are in life, will become more clear. This workshop includes a bottle of tailor-made DNA-frequencies remedies.

The price for this full day workshop is 65 euros excluding the book.
95 euros including the book.

This workshop will be held in Almere, the Netherlands at Gouden Aarde on july 6 from 10.00 - 16.30 hrs. www.goudenaarde.nl
We are of course available to fly over to your country and host the workshop where ever you wish and / or give a lecture on this inspiring subject. Please contact us for more details and information through info@dnafrequenties.com.

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